Daniel's Esperanza

Daniel's Esperanza

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Public Libraries...A Nice Place to Visit Any Time of the Year

When my children were younger, summer started with a visit to our local library. Both of my daughters had their own library cards. They would each get a bag of books (there wasn't a limit as to how many books one could check out at a given time) and spend long summer days on our screened porch, escaping to far away places with their imaginations.

Library books accompanied us on vacations, to the pool, on picnics and in our backyard. Those books coexisted with swim lessons, cookouts, baseball games, fireworks and sleepovers.

Looking back, I can't imagine summer without our library. We made several visits throughout the three month break, taking advantage of what that big, old building had to offer our community. I was always surprised when I learned of someone who had never stepped inside its doors. What a loss to them.

But libraries are wonderful places to explore any time of the year. Many educational programs are offered, often after school, on weekends and evenings for children to enjoy. Some explore other cultures, while learning about history and different languages. Various classes throughout the year are provided to children, teens, adults and seniors focusing on everything from special interests, hobbies and lifestyle improvement. All can benefit from utilizing our libraries...and one can't forget the books.

Even though technology has changed the way we read books today, a visit to the library is still a treat for me and brings back warm memories of when my children were little. I remember discovering new authors' works in the library. Many became some of my favorite storytellers.

Public libraries are nice introductions to the world of books for children. They help establish a foundation in reading and can nurture a lifelong passion for books. The two books in the photograph are my published works and I'm seeing them slowly make appearances on the shelves of these public buildings. I find it an honor for them to be there. I hope many enjoy escaping with their stories on a lazy, summer day, just as my own children did several years ago.

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