Daniel's Esperanza

Daniel's Esperanza

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Book Sales and Fine Art America Purchases

I made a sale today on Fine Art America and my latest book, Daniel's Esperanza, is receiving some nice attention from those who have read it.  A few have said it should be made into a movie...I'll happily share that bit of info here, as it would be wonderful to see that dream become reality.  Now if financing such a big project weren't so difficult...I'm open to any suggestions.

Since the holidays are approaching (I look at things this way once we get past Halloween), I thought I'd share some new photos that have been added to my Fine Art America site.  Prints make wonderful gifts and Fine Art America does a fabulous job in producing them.  All orders are 100% guaranteed and returnable.

So for the art lovers out there, please take a look at my artist website (Veronica Batterson Fine Art America).  And for the book lovers, I have three published books for sale. All can be found on Amazon and through various other online retailers.  And if you make a purchase, let me know. Sharing the news and reviews are always appreciated, too.

A few new images added recently (these photos are found in higher resolution directly on the FAA site).

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