Williamsburg Hill

Williamsburg Hill

Monday, February 22, 2016

A Little Promoting...Again

It's time to take up some blogging space to promote. It has never been easy for me to dance that self-promoting waltz, but it's necessary to get the word out about the work: published books, updates, new photographs, sales and such.

I wish I could comfortably emulate some folks on Facebook who have no qualms about pitching themselves, but I can't and don't. Nearly every day, I receive a request from someone asking if I'd like his/her personal page. If I've forgotten I was even Facebook friends with you, I'll pass. I can't even bring myself to create personal pages for myself. Facebook has automatically generated four pages for me: an author page, and one for each of my books: Daniel's Esperanza, Funny Pages and Billy's First Dance.  I haven't done a thing with any of them. Imagine if I'd bombard all of my pals on Facebook with requests to like each of them.  You'd hear crickets chirping for miles! If only we could realize by helping someone, we might get a little help in return. So I've embraced a new rule with respect to those personal pages: I'll be happy to like a page, give it a shout-out, etc, if it's reciprocated. Buy one of my books, share it on Facebook and I'll like your page and share. Pretty simple, and if it's viewed as "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours", so be it. But, I digress. So here we go.

Fine Art America has changed its web address regarding personal pages for members. My address is now www.veronica-batterson.pixels.com and I have some new images up since the last time I shared here. Many different types of products are sold in addition to prints and posters: pillows, cell phone covers, t-shirts, duvets, tote bags and shower curtains. Check it out and please let me know if you make a purchase.

Books. All three are still available via several online retail sites, but I guess I would recommend Amazon over any of the other places. Simply put: it's the easiest, best shipping deals and most people already have accounts there. However, if anyone would like a signed book from me, let me know. I have copies, too, that I can sell. Daniel's Esperanza, Billy's First Dance and Funny Pages. Paperback and ebooks are available, and please share with me if you buy one. Feedback is appreciated, too.

Many thanks, as always. I continue to work on the latest, Williamsburg Hill, and will update here periodically with the occasional side-track of short stories, essays and thoughts.