Williamsburg Hill

Williamsburg Hill

Monday, August 28, 2017

A Person Grows Old While Waiting for Her Book to Get Published

My manuscript for Williamsburg Hill
The month has almost slipped away and I've yet to make a blog post for August, so here it is. I'd planned on sharing some things about a recent trip I took to Montana and Glacier National Park (including info on wildfires, smoke and haze, too), but I've only written a couple of paragraphs, so hopefully it'll be ready for September.  Other things have occupied my time and mind, so I've not been able to finish the post yet. Updates on my work will have to fill this space for now.

My book, Williamsburg Hill, continues to be considered. The manuscript remains in the possession of literary agents and publishers and the timeframe is out of my hands. Truth: A person grows old while waiting for her book to get published.  However, I've been working on some other projects.  I wrote a blog post recently called "Stardust" that's actually a short story. It's an idea of where my next book will go, and the book is in the outlining/planning/research stage, but I'm almost ready to go with it.  I'll have to prioritize with this one though, as it's competing with a couple of other ideas: rewriting a book (that has never been published) that I'd finished about fifteen years ago into a stage play; and I've an idea for a musical, so I'm close to starting the book for it.

I continue to add photographs I've taken to Fine Art America. Please visit my page at www.veronica-batterson.pixels.com to view them.  Any purchases are always appreciated.

My books Daniel's Esperanza, Funny Pages, and Billy's First Dance are still available in paperback and as ebooks. The easiest place to find them is on Amazon.  I appreciate those purchases, as well.  If you're inclined to leave positive reviews for them, give shout-outs and such, all the better. Thank you.

Finally, I posted an abbreviated version of this on Twitter recently (hey, you only have so many characters there):

Things aren't always as they seem or appear.  Simply having an internet platform doesn't make you an authority on something; the ability to make comments online doesn't make you an expert either.  Neither of these gives anyone the right to harass, make threats or ruin reputations or lives.  Think before you speak, type, or "fly off the handle".  Words can do damage.

We should all remember and live by this. As always, thanks for reading my blog.