Williamsburg Hill

Williamsburg Hill

Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year and No More Reluctance

Yesterday marked my blog's first anniversary.  This is quite an accomplishment considering I never had any intention of starting one in the first place.  Blogs (one of the most unappealing words, I think) did not interest me and I didn't really feel I had anything of narrative substance to offer readers.  I also didn't think I could keep up with the world's multitude who feel they do have a lot to say.  But I took advice and reluctantly started one, never thinking I'd keep it updated.

I began 2012 as "The Reluctant Blogger" thinking I must be the only person keeping a blog who did so unwillingly.  Clever, even.  Boy, was I wrong.  There are a lot of reluctant bloggers out there lending a voice to everything under the sun...diets, recipes, special interests, writing, acting, music, non-profits and businesses.  And I realize that each one of them do have something to say, however reluctant they may be, to those who are willing to listen.  If readers found them, then certainly I must have a minuscule place in the blogger world, I rationalized.

So the year's posts consisted of an eclectic and varied bit of "accounting" on my life, ideas and thoughts, in general.  I strayed from living in a haunted house to what Peyton Manning meant to me.  I mulled over time spent in Rome, Italy and the need to save our wild Mustangs, to funny things my kids said and living through the death of a pet.  My former antiques' business was the subject of a post, along with some short stories I'd written and an endorsement for visiting Tuckahoe Plantation in Virginia.  Of course, I plugged my books whenever possible.  A diverse subject list filled 2012 for me.  This blog didn't have a theme and I'll probably keep it that way.

So gone is that "Reluctant Blogger".  I've removed the title and probably should've researched a bit before naming it a year ago.  At the very least, I would have found just how many of us "reluctants" are out there.  For lack of a better idea, I just replaced the old title with my name.  Simple and nothing spectacular, but it is mine.

I look forward to continuing this as best as I can in 2013.  My goal is at least one post a month, something I accomplished in 2012 until December rolled around, then the holidays got the better of me.  Plus, completing the first draft of my next novel was a goal attained in December.  I'm certain I see a post or two about that in the coming year.

So if I don't meet that monthly target, the world won't end and the sun will rise tomorrow.  This blog will still be here and I'll continue to post when I feel like it.  Happy new year, everyone.  Thanks for reading.