Williamsburg Hill

Williamsburg Hill

Thursday, August 29, 2019

New Photos and Updates

I've added some new photographs from a recent vacation in California to my Fine Art America and Pixels sites, and will continue to do so as I go through all of them. Below are screenshots of some of the images, while the higher resolution ones can be viewed at www.veronica-batterson.pixels.com.

If you're in the Memphis area, stop by Palladio Interiors where a number of my prints are on display and you'll find all of them for sale. Also, a reminder that if you're looking for a late summer read, my book, Williamsburg Hill is available via Amazon and select bookstores (in paperback and Kindle versions).

Writing updates: the play that I've been working on is about the Suffragist movement in the United States, tentatively titled Silent Sentinels and is a three character piece of work thus far. Since the centennial anniversary of the 19th Amendment being ratified is next summer, finishing in a timely manner is key.  I've been promised a staged reading of it, so it would be nice to coordinate that around the anniversary.

Also, research on the next book has rooted itself in (where else?) a cemetery.  Elmwood Cemetery in Memphis provided a light bulb moment for me when visiting a few months ago.  I can only add at this point it will center around the Yellow Fever epidemic that hit Memphis in 1878 and Martyrs Park.  Writing will begin once I finish the play.  I shared a story that I was working on some time ago about a Scottish singer finding a long lost love...that book is on the back burner right now.  It's good to have ideas for future projects though, and it will definitely get finished at some point.

A new travel blog post will be coming in the next week or two. Thanks to all who continue to support my work, and don't forget to check out my website at www.veronicabatterson.com.

Lake Tahoe, CA
Inverness, CA

San Francisco

Sea Otter - Monterey Bay, California 

Morro Rock- Morro Bay, California