Daniel's Esperanza

Daniel's Esperanza

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Now for Kindle Users and in Paperback

My book, Daniel's Esperanza, is now available for Kindle users on Amazon for only $6.99. Of course, if you prefer the paperback version, it's for sale, too. I always appreciate those who take the time to make a purchase and actually read my work.  Icing on the cake includes feedback and reviews. 

Independent authors have to hustle and work very hard to get anyone to notice their work. If you enjoy one of their books, please be kind and take the time to tell them so. Better yet, leave a positive review on Amazon, Goodreads or anywhere else you find the book promoted and sold. These things help sales and give much needed attention to some deserving individuals.

Thanks, again. The link to my book on Amazon is Daniel's Esperanza. Also, my Goodreads Giveaway goes until September 15. If you're a Goodreads member, you know how to sign up for their giveaways. Autographed copies are up for grabs there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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